Brenda Ferguson (July 9, 1959 – March 23, 2015 ) was always intrigued by hands and the stories they tell. One Hundred Hands was a shared artistic endeavor involving a series of 100 paintings. It was an opportunity for you to provide the images she painted...and a chance for Brenda to capture a moment in your time. On this blog she shared your images, the paintings they inspired and the process of creating them. She invited "you to join me, creating art together, hand in hand."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catch of the Day 014

I loved this amusing photo. It shows fishing off a wharf in Whitianga, New Zealand. The baby fish is a Trevally. It was released and is hopefully now swimming around as an adult.

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Marianne said...

Dear Brenda,
I'm delighted that you have chosen this photo for your 100 hands project, it's gorgeous!
Thank you so much.
Marianne NZ